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COMING SOON - The Art of Silence

There is a Silence that we cannot know with our ordinary  mind, and yet it is as near to us as our breath. It was there before we were born, and it will be there when we die. This Silent Awareness existed before the beginning of time. Before there was a universe, there was Silence.

When you are aware of the presence of Silence, the world of appearances is seen through different eyes; healing, wholeness, beauty and compassion shine through you, just as light passing through a prism transforms into a rainbow. We need only take off the blind-folds which prevent us from seeing the radiance of our own light. This is the open secret of the sages, and it belongs to you as well. No-one can give it you; you already have it. 

Silence has been referred to as Silent Awareness, the Eternal, a vast Stillness, Consciousness, or Presence. No matter how valiant our efforts may be to pin a label on it, words can only point to the contours of a very great mystery. Silence just IS.  

The Art of Silence will help you recognize, renew and deepen your own relationship with the Silent Awareness that opens the heart and frees the mind. This book is written for those who sense that something vital is missing in how we relate to each other and to nature; who want to live a fuller, more authentic life; and who have been searching for what is hidden in plain sight, not realizing how close we are to what we long for, if only we could find this mysterious something which eludes us. 

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Forthcoming books

COMING SOON - Nature's Bliss: The Call to Awaken

The beauty and wonder of the natural world offer us a window into ourselves, if we know how to look. It is a precious gift, but most of us don’t know how to open it. 

We have been trained to think that nature is separate from us. But nothing could be further from the truth. We are entwined with the natural world, like a tree with its roots. 

When we come upon the silence of a majestic mountain or listen to joyful birdsong on a spring morning, we are invited into the present moment, where there is no past and no future.  In these rare and wonderful moments, the thinking mind stops its constant chatter, and we encounter a dimension of being where there is no time.  It is the gateway to a sacred dimension within every human being. 

When we are in communion with nature, we are in communion with ourselves. And it is within this mysterious and beautiful relationship that we begin to see ourselves as we really are. 



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